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What Happened To NJF Global Group?

Nancy Jo Frazer and co-defendants admitted to violating Ohio Law and agreed to a financial settlement of $108,000Details Here.

NJF Global Group was a so called ‘private group’ that marketed the now defunct investment opportunity Profitable Sunrise.  The promoters chose to abandon this site rather than using it to keep their members up to date on the latest news on Profitable Sunrise. As a public service, ChristianMoney.com and James L. Paris made arrangements to purchase this domain name when it became available.  We are in no way associated with NJF Global Group, and are not representing that this site or its content is endorsed or created by NJF Global Group or Nancy Jo Frazer.

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If you lost money in Profitable Sunrise, you are urged to contact your state securities department.  There is $11 million dollars currently frozen in an overseas account.  By making a complaint, you will create a record by which a future receiver may be able to contact you.  Contact your state securities regulator today - Click Here. 

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